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Upgrading your AML and KYC compliance processes?

Whatever the preferred approach to AML management, WiseBOS can help achieve excellence in compliance 

In Ireland, AML and KYC compliance is deemed a mature business regulation. With the latest amendment to legislation in the form of AMLD4 which was enacted in June 2017, some organisations have been reviewing their compliance processes to see if they can further streamline their procedural steps and reduce costs. 

Organisations are looking at different options such as placing a greater emphasis on technology or outsourcing their compliance functions in order to reduce their dependence on key resources. Other clients are looking to implement a hybrid management model that integrates external risk personnel with internal compliance management. All of these options offer organisations the opportunity to clarify and reduce costs and improve access to relevant expertise. 
Regardless of the solution selected, management must retain visibility of their risk exposures and be embedded into the verification, decision making and reporting functions. If you are planning to upgrade your AML, KYC and CDD processes, WiseBOS with its extensive suite of API’s, smart menus and its use of AI for risk profiling, can seamlessly integrate client and partner systems, roles and communications. WiseBOS will assist your organisation to achieve excellence in AML compliance in the most cost effective manner available in the market today.

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AML-QUEST offers a state-of-the-art complete AML & KYC compliance management solution that is suitable for small, medium and large companies.

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