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AML-QUEST offers a complete AML & KYC compliance management solution

Anti-Money Laundering
WiseBOS AML is a comprehensive solution that fulfills all MLD4 compliance requirements and allows enterprises to determine the risk level of their clients and manage the mandatory Due Diligence documants.  This makes the solution essential for Compliance Officers who need to effectively complying with the AML law and regulations.

has been fully aligned with the guidelines provided by National Authorities and  Competent Authorities such as Accountancy and Legal bodies, to assess the risk profile of client to complete their Knowing Your Customer (KYC) profiles and to interconnect with external Sanction/PEP lists.  Our solution is flexible enough to accommodate organisations that need to comply with and manage the AML and KYC Directives across  multiple jurisdictions.
WiseBOS AML is an automated risk evaluation software solution that assists the Compliance Departments of companies to profile, evaluate and document  the risk of their clients, as required by the AML Directives and regulations.  Compliance is achieved through the dynamic management of KYC documents and actions (including dynamic upgrading of the mandatory KYC documents and actions depending on the latest risk profile results). The risk-based assessment is performed through a series of risk evaluation wizards which are built based on advanced scoring and metrics models.  In addition, WiseBOS AML provides a risk analytical score report and a detailed economic profile of the client, which contains information related to the company structure, information on risk assessment, status of the entity (whether they are a  PEP or sanctioned), company’s activities, transactions, turnover, investments etc. 

The document management capabilities and workflow of WiseBOS AML  accommodates the ability to create and file Internal Suspicions reports (SAR’s), which can then be accessed and reviewed by the Compliance Officer, thus enabling further relevant actions and measures.


Built with outstanding AML expertise
Compliant with all authorities
Connection with Sanction & PEP lists
Meet and comply with the Anti-Money Laundering Law
Complete KYC profiles
AML Analytical Score for Physical & Legal Entities
Automated Economic Profile
Supports Assets, Investments, Branches
Generation of Group Structures Diagram
Automated Reminders for Passport & IDs
Risk Evaluation for Physical Persons
Risk Evaluation for Legal Entities
FATCA & CRS Regulations
Reminders for KYC documents & Alerts
Reminders for client next review
Intelligent Dashboards 
Fields Customisation
Custom Permissions Level
Workflows Management
Document Management
Advanced Search
Multi-Company Handling
Data Security and Audit Trail
Calculate the risk of the clients