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What are the key features and benefits of WiseBOS AML?

WiseBOS AML has been designed to assist with the challenges faced by small, medium and large sized enterprises in meeting the MLD4 requirements. WiseBOS has been designed as a user-friendly platform that streamlines and automates much of your AML compliance and due diligence obligations. WiseBOS does not require you to send your client details off-site to a cloud repository or a third party for risk analysis. You retain ownership of your most vital information. As a true enterprise system, WiseBOS is able to integrate with your existing workflow processes and delivers extensive internal and external reporting capabilities with full audit trail and annotations. It’s easy to implement and can be tailored to your business risk profile. Once configured, WiseBOS can automate the search functions and its management dashboards can be utilized to ensure your AML risk policies and procedures are maintained. 


With wizard driven menus that have been filtered by geography and business type, WiseBOS AML identifies the mandated documentation requirements to successfully complete due diligence as defined by the relevant Competent Authority.

Where your policy requires additional evidence collection, WiseBOS can ensure that these policies are clearly identified and followed by all staff members.


WiseBOS is one of the world's most powerful comparable data resources on private persons and corporate entities. WiseBOS enables your Money Laundering Compliance Officer (MLCO) to tailor the searches to meet the needs of their business (fit for purpose).

As a default, WiseBOS will ensure that the key Global PEP and Sanctions Databases are cross-referenced. Depending on the risk profile of your business, we can further strengthen the background checks on your potential customers by adding additional data feeds e.g. social media or financial health checks.


WiseBOS  AML corporate tree diagrams enable you to reveal the beneficial owners of your potential customers, so you can view their corporate group as a whole.

With the ability to carry out unlimited drill-down analysis, it can even show you indirect links to sanctioned entities if they exist. Thus WiseBOS can ensure that the sanctions chain remains unbroken.


WiseBOS AML is a SaaS based solution that enables centralised management of the AML policies across numerous sites and jurisdictions.

As a true enterprise solution, it enables the sharing of resources across the enterprises estate. WiseBOS uniquely offers a concurrent licencing model that enables clients to maximise their staff coverage while keeping costs to a minimum. 


Compliance management might not be your core competence and if that is the case WiseBOS is the AML solution for you. We help you get to the data you need – such as beneficial ownership – fast and with helpful visualisation tools for greater clarity.

We can help you automate much of your customer on-boarding processes and with its document management repository, WiseBOS assists you to create, catalogue and store annotated and date stamped documents, reports and communications. 


WiseBOS is the ideal saver of time, effort and lost opportunities. If you have a high-volume, low-risk businesses use it to identify initial risk and then automate your risk policies, liberating your staff’s time to realise sales. Through the automated scheduling function and its dynamic compliance management dashboard, WiseBOS AML automates the mandated ongoing monitoring  of entities for you and alerts you to changes, eliminating the need for the manual loading of individual or batch details to cross reference with the numerous PEP and Sanctions DB’s.

As mentioned previously, WiseBOS uniquely offers a concurrent licencing model that enables clients to maximise their staff coverage with the minimum of cost and as there are no “up-front” or “upon-termination” balloon payments or minimum term conditions, we are confident that WIseBOS is the AML  compliance solution that you require.